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AuthPro script
is now available.
  Authorization version 2 is now available! - it's a complete registration and authorization solution. Many people have already chosen our service and now we host over accounts with users!
Finally, here is all features you've asked for. Register right now and you can:
- Protect your site or homepage with password.
- Automatically register new users
- Receive e-mail with information filled by new users and register them by yourself
- You can design your own registration page with any fields combination
- Your new users can receive welcome message from you after registration (only for deluxe accounts)
- Add, delete, modify your users (up to 10 for one account)
- Every user can have their own URL's both for successfull and not successfull authorization
You do not need CGI-access on your server, all scripts
are hosted on our site and it's free. No warez or adult sites, please.
    Now you can go to p.1 and register your own (master) account.
Then you can add new users to access your pages.
  We've moved!
  New users: please visit to register new account.

Existing users: please update your links. You can login using your username and password at